A must read..

Cooks Illustrated is a must have for any aspiring or professional cook.  It is short, to the point, and an extremely useful magazine. The concept is based on making good food, even better!  Tweaking, testing and coming up with more innovative ways to do something- is useful to anyone.  I particularly like the test section. In 1-2 pages they test various kitchen tools, for example, food processors, induction burners, or grill pans, educating it’s reader on what the best tool for the money is.  Christopher Kimball is the mastermind behind this delightful publication, he’s been testing recipes and gadgets in America’s Test Kitchen, located in Brookline, MA for decades. I highly recommend you check this out!


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  1. >Very true. In terms of technique and actual instruction, I think it's probably the best out there. But, if what you're looking for is 'food porn,' those, glorious, gratuitous shots of tasty, tasty food, this is not the magazine for you. Gourmet was good, but Conde Nast shuttered the publication about two years ago. Another good publication is Saveur, which actually has good production values, good writing and good photography. I'd say it's probably my favorite to read, but I don't get as much from it as I do from Cook's.

  2. After several years as a CI subscriber, I’ve started to find their narratives a bit repetitive (“We tried 1,000 recipes that were all crap, so we recreated this traditional ethnic dish with hum-drum ingredients you can find in your megamart!”)… but the recipes are always ultra reliable, and very much in the Harold McGee spirit of understanding how ingredients work.

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