Powder Perfection

You can go ahead and take my word for it right now. If you like cheese, this particular product may cause a similar opioid receptor reaction (addiction arousal in layman’s terms)  in the brain that crack cocaine and heroin do, ironic that they both come in powdered form.   Cabot’s “Cheddar Shake”  is simple amazing.  I owe this new found vice to my roommate, Kaitlin, for stocking up on all things Cabot during a recent trip to Stowe, VT.   While we haven’t branched out too much with its many possible uses, popcorn with salt, pepper and cheddar shake has often taken the place of dinner.   Some might say this sounds just like the brand, Smart Food, but it is a much different and way more tasty ( plus it doesn’t have that awful barf smell.. yes gross, but you know exactly what I am talking about).    Popcorn will never be the same, as long as I have my fix of Cheddar Shake around.

Check it out!
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