You asked for it…

“More Blogs! More blogs!” ok ok.. I hear you, but I’ve been very busy!  To my readers who don’t know that much about me, I work for a pharmaceutical company by day, then go to school from 3pm-7:30pm.  Its a long ass day, but I am thriving on it. I also have a kickass boss who is excited about my adventure and it extremely flexible as long as I hold up my end of the bargain; work.  This crazy schedule does not give me a whole lot of time to BLOG!  I’ve been trying to be particular about what I publish and share to the world, but I think I need to get over that.  It sounds like you guys really like to know what I’m up to, even if its just a small story or great thing I’ve come across.

My weekends are gold to me.  It’s the only 40 consecutive hours or so that I have to blow off steam, not have to wake up at 5:30am, and get to spend time with friends.  So I’ve been using them wisely.  Since I’ve started school, I am not able to go out to dinner during the week very much, if at all, so I try to spend at least one night of the weekend eating something good with friends. Here’s a short list in a sentence or two review of what I think about…

Coppa Lively new eatery and sister restaurant to my beloved Toro, offers delicate Italian inspired tapas, Arancini to die for, a good wine list, and a lovely atmosphere, but about the size of a school bus; it’s an extremely small space for the customer demand. Neighborhood gem, literally in a neighborhood.  I think you should definitely check it out.

94 Mass Ave  The latest Lyons Group restaurant, offers up great American small plates! Delicious new takes on classic food in a warm, inviting setting. Dark oak wood floors, a 10 foot wall fire place and velvet plumb booths excite a romantic-like feel. Grilled cheese with tomato bisque, the best darn truffle-garlic french fries you’ve ever had,  and sage gnocchi with a brown butter sauce are a few of their high notes.  Not to mention, their vodka/soda specialty menu, hellllllo! The Lyons group is a well oiled machine, they know good food and dark lit bar scenes.

The Beehive Is hands down, one of my favorite places on earth. Great food, good drinks, live music- mostly Jazz, extremely interesting people, and I have never had a bad time here. In a few good food porn words: Moroccan Cigars; lamb filled phyllo spring rolls with fig jam, Duck Breast a la’orange with parsnip puree, and Poutine, Poutine! A far cry from the typical Irish Boston bar scene, it’s a magical place.

Flour Bakery An ode to Flour.
Ode to Flour
You are my caffeine drug dealer.
With many kinds to offer,
Red Eye, half-caf cap, or iced, you deliver.
Ode to Flour
From the glass divider I peruse delicate baked goods,
Your sweet treats, service with a smile, and ham and cheese pockets,
make me melt.
Ode to Flour
Without your BLT on homemade white,
life as I know it would be over.
I will forever be a loyal customer.

Whole Foods- Beacon Hill I am highlighting this whole foods in particular because they have the best sushi. I am surrounded with places like Ma soba, Zen, and Osaka Sushi, but whole foods sushi grade fish, I think, tastes better! I am becoming partial to WF sushi for three great reasons; 1. I like my sushi fairly chilled, room temperature is gross to me.  2. You can’t beat the price for a 9 piece Salmon, cream cheese, avo roll, it’s under $10! (you usually get 6 pieces for more than $10).  And 3. I can walk across the street, pick up my sushi/sashimi spread and be back home in under 8 minutes.  That’s a beautiful thing.

Okay, so I have a few restaurants on my wish list that I will soon be checking out:
Crossing Island Creek Oyster Bar off the list this weekend!
Tico– because its new and have heard good things.
Highland Kitchen– because Bennett won’t stop raving about it!
Bondir– because this is my ideal kitchen, restaurant, atmosphere and mantra.
MANY more… but will leave it here for now. If you have reviews, ideas or comments about any of the above, please let me know!

Thanks for reading


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