Caramel Covered Marshmallows with Fleur de sel … On a stick!

See that yummy caramel, marshmallow, delight up there?  Well that was one of the best sweet treats I’ve ever had on a stick.  Since indulging at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory in Park City, Utah last month, I’ve had my sights set on how to recreate this gooey fun treat!  With a little help from one of my favorite websites, America’s Test Kitchen, The Feed.  (The same site that also published my cookie photo!  shameless plug…) I plan to make these little treats for a girlfriend’s 30th birthday this weekend.  (Laura, I hope you don’t read this post until after Saturday).  My biggest concern is how can I keep the caramel at the right temperature to coat the marshmallow without the marshmallow melting and without the caramel setting too much?  Any ideas readers?  I suppose this will have to be a little trial and error.  Maybe the integrity of the marshmallow wont be compromised if  I can cool the caramel coat fast?

I guess we’ll see what happens!  In the meantime; here is a fool-proof recipe for salted caramel that you should tuck away in your recipe box.


One response

  1. Maybe freeze or seriously chill the marshmallow before dipping in the carmel and as soon as you dip put in the freezer again to cool immediately?

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