About me

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Gretchen and I’ve loved cooking and eating all my life.   It brings people together and that’s what I love most; food is universally versatile.  Growing up in suburban Michigan, family dinner was a nightly affair in our household. My mom often made elaborate dinners, stews, soups, roasts, casseroles  and the occasional ‘surprise‘.  Her dishes were consistently the same, her way, and always comforting no matter the occasion. Often times I  was asked to come help her chop, stir, season, or watch.  I credit my mom for instilling in me such amazing and fun childhood food memories,  thanks mom.

Cooking comes somewhat naturally to me, although there is always room for improvement, new tricks to learn, and endless books to read.  I  have a pretty good grasp on flavor combination, a resourceful sense, and a knack for whipping up stuff from whatever’s in the fridge.  As my early professional life (post college) started to take a nose dive in a completely unseen direction (thank you economic collapse of ’08!), the idea of going back to school, culinary school, started to make some headway.  After 10 years of toying with the idea, I decided to just go for it and follow my dream of becoming a professionally trained chef. What will I do? Where will it take me? And what will I eat? Between my full-time job and full-time school schedule, I’m bound to take time out for wacky foodie adventures and to blog about my culinary endeavors both at home and in school! I Hope you like…

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