Japanese Lasagna… say what?

For years I’ve been cooking for one.  Ok fine, depending on relationship status, sometimes two.  But still, there are not many things I like to cook that don’t come with a good amount of leftovers.  I also am a self-proclaimed hater of leftovers, I don’t know why really.  I think my main argument against leftovers is that I’m not really tempted by eating or reheating food I just had within the last 24 hours.  It’s a good thing I have an office full of people who like and want to eat my food; it doesn’t make me feel as wasteful.   I can only think of a few leftover foods I will eat; thanksgiving dinner- no brainer, cold pizza always,  steak, heavy on the A1 in a baguette, and lasagna.  These dishes get even better with a night in the ice box, I think. 

In an effort to waste less, spend less and eat healthier, I tried to think up a few new ways to cook more individualized meals.  You see, now that I am back on my 7am to 7pm schedule, the absolute last thing I want to do when I finally get home at 7:30pm is continue to cook dinner for myself, so I must start to get along with leftovers.

My inspiration actually came from baking cupcakes a few weekends ago.  I started thinking about savory cupcake dishes, there’s gotta be more to this 12 slot pan than just baked goods?  [Lightbulb],  Lasagna!   With a few swipes on my iPad, I quickly discovered that this was not a new idea, shocker… Apparently it was quite popular to make individual lasagna’s in a cupcake tin. Nonetheless, this great idea, whomever’s it was,  would still be a fun project to take on, and fulfill my purpose of cooking on a smaller scale, eating well, and saving me time and energy.

By no means is this a culinary breakthrough, or what I am being taught in school, this is a simple, new package design, on an American favorite.  I am cooking and tasting so extravagantly in school most of the time that offal, veal, or fish are not what I want when I am hungry at the end of the day, nor would most.

After gathering some pointers from others who have done this, I decided to take a stab at it with ingredients I like in my lasagna.

Looks good right?

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Using good ingredients is key!

Where has the summer gone?  Is it really August already? I’ve traveled the last 7 weekends, and now I’ve woken up this quiet Saturday morning feeling unsure of what to do with myself. It’s been a little hectic going full speed since the end of June with back to back weekend trips; Skaneateles, Nantucket, Lake George, Skaneateles, Napa, and back to Skaneateles again. I’ve been waiting for this quiet rainy morning all month!  But I really have nothing to do today?  I click open my iPhone and check my calendar just to be sure I haven’t scheduled a brunch or hair appointment or something… Nope, nothing.  Hmm, it’s rainy and humid, and definitely not a good beach day. I have a  surprise 30th birthday party to go to later tonight, so let’s bake!

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